Tutorial: Spandex Head Pieces

Here’s a rough guide to sewing spandex head pieces. You can use this for face covering cowls too, I just happened to be working on my Fionna hat when I documented this process.

20150421_204251Start with something shaped and sized like your head, it doesn’t have to be exact. I pad out a wig head with scrap fabric and then cover it in one of my homemade wig caps (what I turn all my ruined stockings into).

20150421_204804I find it helpful to then draw some rough guidelines on the wig cap cover. On this one I drew roughly where I was thinking of placing the ears, crown seam, and face opening. I also marked about where my eyes would be.

20150421_205506Cover whatever form your using for your head in something to draw on. I was very much working with what I had around home at the moment and pulled out a shopping bag. I taped and stapled it to fit more and drew my pieces out. To get smoother pieces and a better fit you could try something else like covering the head in plastic wrap, then covering that in masking tape to draw on and hold the wrap together.

20150421_210722Cut apart your pieces you’ve just worked on patterning and transfer them to paper. Again, working with what I had and taped multiple pieces of printer paper together.

20150421_212351Add in your seam allowances and any other markings you made need, such as CUT ON FOLD.

20150426_112943Cut out your paper pattern. Then lay it out and cut it out of fabric with the same degree of stretch as your final fabric for a mockup.

20150426_115330Sew together your mockup with large zigzag basting stitches. Zigzag stitches stretch whereas straight stitches do not.

20150426_123617Take in, fit, and mark your mockup as needed. It’s okay for it to look a bit like a mess as long as it fits.

20150426_131723Take apart your mockup (the large basting stitches were to make this part easier) and compare it with your paper pattern. Make any adjustments needed.

20150426_172735Use your finished pattern to cut and sew your headgear out of your actual fabric. This particular piece is lined for finishing. I also used snaps at the neck for closure.

20150428_195217Here’s my finished hat with the ears attached (and over the wig)! I used lightweight jewelry wire to pose and keep the ears upright.

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