Princess Luna

I just can’t get enough ponies! I helped Yaya Han develop a new My Little Pony inspired wig line with Purple Plum. I think all the wigs are lovely but I really love how the one for Princess Luna came out! When I was picking out colors for the wig I thought if it had light blue highlights that might help mimic the odd transparent halo she has around her hair. So we went with that. The base blue color for the wig is a blend of two vibrant blues. Since I put together a costume rather quickly I went for something I wouldn’t need to fuss with garment fitting for. I made a tunic out of navy blue peachskin fabric. I feel like after being on the moon for so long Luna’s fashion sense is going to be inspired by historical fashion, and the tunic hopefully has a little of a Greek/Roman feel to it. I made her crown and necklace out of craft foam and worbla. Ears, horn, and wings are from Yaya’s shop.