HeroesCon 2013

HeroesCon was this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. Allen and I went with our buddies Silas and Sara, and had a blast! We had an awesome time full of friends, costumes, comics, and Bojangles (there’s a Bojangles in the convention center)! I wasn’t too concerned about getting pictures at this con since I already either have pictures of all the costumes I wore, or have plans to shoot them, so I just relaxed and had fun on the con floor the whole time. One of the convention guests we had the most fun seeing was Chris Sims. And we made sure to stop by and visit the SuperheroStuff booth since Allen won their Halloween contest with Doctor Strange.

I cosplayed as Clea, Donna Troy, and Siryn over the weekend. On Saturday we went to be included in the big cosplay group photo shoot organized by DJ Spider. Pat Loika was on hand to photograph the event. Contagious Media and Distractotron were filming at the con as well and have their videos from the weekend up! As a bonus I came home to find new pictures from last year’s HeroesCon by LJinto were up! So there’s new pictures in my Wonder Girl gallery as well. Here’s a few pictures from this year’s convention!

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