Free Comic Book Day 2014

I had a great time at Free Comic Book Day this year at Teahouse Comics! The comics I’ve read so far have been good too. I really enjoyed the Rocket Raccoon story! I dressed up as Donna Troy for FCBD. I figured I could go a little more obscure with my cosplay choice since comic shop customers are going to know a wider variety of characters than the general public. Also, everyone likes sparklies! My friends Megan and Melissa also came out as Jesse Quick and Mystique. Spider-Girl and Deadpool stopped by the store for a bit too. There was a great turnout for FCBD this year!  It was great seeing so many people come out to support their local comic shop. For me the best part was the little girls I got to see in the store. I don’t think I ever really expected there to be a time when I would really get to interact with really young girls who were excited about reading comics. I grew up watching shows like Batman but I was older than most of these girls when I started reading comics. I think this is really a great time for comic fans!

Now, I’d like to talk about what I think is a particularly important comic right now: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. I’ve been a fan of the My Little Pony franchise as long as I can remember. However, these days I feel it has really gone in some bold directions and made an important impact. Of course I enjoy the animated show too. It’s really positive and well written with a great variety of characters and fun adventurous stories. I know adult fans of the show also enjoy the pop culture references that are sometimes snuck in, like pony versions of Doctor Who and Big Lebowski characters appearing. The comic runs with these quirks even further and cranks up the level of adventure from the average show episode. Some characters are taken in interesting directions I don’t think the show would venture to take either. Bottom line is, it’s a great all ages comic that’s enjoyable for both kids and adults to read. My Little Pony is a fun comic that’s engaging for adults without unnecessarily simplifying the story or characters for younger readers.  It’s constantly one of the highlights of my pull list. I’ve dropped and added some other titles over the last year and a half, but have solidly stuck with Friendship is Magic. While the target demographic for the My Little Pony franchise is obviously young girls the brony phenomenon has proven it to be relate-able and enjoyable for all kinds of people. The bronies I’ve met have also been some of the nicest people you could hope to meet in any fandom.  My Little Pony comics can be a great way to get young fans of the show reading more, and possibly discover other interests and books along the way as they visit comic shops or books stores to pick up comics. I talked to a couple little girls at length about ponies during Free Comic Book Day. It was a treat to see these girls excited about comics, reading, and the virtues of these characters as well as the adventures they have. Please consider giving ponies a chance if you haven’t already!

(FCBD photos by Joyce Palmer Johnson, Frameshot, and whoever I could get to use my camera phone at the time.)

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