Donna Troy

I love Donna Troy! She’s my favorite superhero to cosplay as. I know it’s a mess to try and follow but I love how she has a much more complicated history than Wonder Woman and still has such great strength of character. I first started cosplaying as Donna in 2007. I started with the V-neck version of her starfield suit. Later I made her red Wonder Girl suit. Most recently I redid most of my original suit (new top of the suit, boots, bracers, jewelry, and wig) to put together the other version of her starfield suit. This time I also spent a couple days adding Swarovski rhinestones to my suit to exaggerate the starfield effect. I used rhinestones in multiple sizes and colors since stars come in various sizes and colors. To personalize it an extra I mapped out the Leo constellation (since it’s my zodiac sign) onto the upper part of the chest of the suit, trying to match up rhinestone colors and sizes appropriately to the types of stars that are in the constellation.