Bombshell Mera

When friends started discussing cosplaying as DC Bombshells I couldn’t help but hop on Mera. DC ran a contest with three Mera designs to see which one would be made into a statue. Unfortunately it was my least favorite design that won, but I didn’t let that stop me from making one of the others for my costume. To cut some corners I borrowed Allen’s Aquaman trident and bought the bracers, hat, belt, and sarong. I altered a swimsuit pattern for her suit. It took a couple tries and fiddling to get the cups right. In the end they ended up composed of two layers of spandex with knit interfacing, a small bit of plastic boning, underwire I stole out of an old bikinki, and a bit of foam. For swimsuit materials I used contrasting fishscale spandex and elastic. I heavily altered a pair of flip flops with matching fabric, mod podge, and paint for the shoes. The Ms were made using worbla, craft foam, and Plasti Dip. The wig I got lucky with and found one that didn’t need any styling. I found various seashells on Etsy.