Was Ist Steam Subscriber Agreement

In November 2011, unknown individuals broke into Valve`s servers and may have been able to retrieve customer data (including billing addresses and credit card information). Valve then advised all customers to carefully review their credit card bills. [128] In October 2012, ReVuln discovered a critical security flaw related to an extension of the Windows “steam://” protocol. ReVuln managed to take full control of the affected computers, thanks in particular to fake URLs and a logging function of the source and unreal graphic designers. In principle, the problem persists today. [129] In October 2013, security expert Graham Sutherland uncovered a critical security vulnerability related to the Windows NT “SeDebugPrivilege” privilege and insufficiently secure storage areas. Graham Sutherland warned of the possibility of full takeover of rights by malware. Valve responded a little later with a security update. [130] Users can now back up their account with Steam Guard two-factor authentication, which sends a PIN via email when logging in from an unknown device. [131] Only the new Steam hardware survey is requested from the user before transferring computer and hardware data. [73] Installed programs are also viewed.

Valve paid special attention to Mozilla Firefox, Apache OpenOffice, Windows Firewall and ZoneAlarm. [74] However, even in the event of non-participation in the survey, Valve collects data on the affected computers: Valve, for example, stated that it collected data on hard drive fragmentation in order to identify a problem with long level load times. [75] In addition, crash data is transmitted automatically and can be processed with specific programs. [76] Since October 2012, other software has been distributed via Steam in addition to games. [4] To use games or software purchased or free from the platform, the Steam client is required, which can be downloaded as free software under a proprietary license from the official website. However, the Steam Community and Steam Store can also be used through a conventional browser. Valve regularly announces new versions, discounts, and promotions through the Steam Update News switch. When downloading game data, banner ads from the content server operator are also displayed. The Steam client offers the ability to scan game files for errors, create backups, and defragment files.

Defragmented data can significantly reduce load times. [39] Plus, you can switch between different locations for a game at any time. If necessary, they are reloaded from content servers. After a month in beta, Steam released the Remote Play Together feature on November 21, 2019. . .

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