Towing Agreement

Towing Agreement with the University of Minnesota: Authorization to negotiate and enter into an agreement with the university to perform the towing on the Minneapolis and St Paul campus,” which can be automatically renewed each year, unless the contract is terminated. Staff report: towing agreement: approval of the towing agreement and reference to means/budgets. All towing agencies that enter into a towing agreement are added to a towing rotation list established by the Chief of Police or his officers. . Page | 2 TOWING AGREEMENT This towing agreement was entered into on January XX, 2014 between the City of Muskegon, Michigan Municipal Corporation, with offices at 933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, Michigan 49440 (“City”),, and Ramos Towing with offices at 2444 Getty, Muskegon Heights, Michigan 49444, (“Contractor”).

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