Teaching On The Power Of Agreement

Let`s look at the following holy writings and examine what each of them says on the theme of agreement: the agreement leads to friendship, because two or more people must be involved with common opinions or backgrounds. The first condition of the unification process is that, in other words, we have at least one friend; You must have at least one privileged companion to begin the process of the agreement. That`s why Amos 3:3 asked the question: “Do two go together, unless they agree to do so? Here is an example of a prayer of concordance based on Scripture, you could write for a financial prayer. One way to do this is to “put into captivity all thoughts on the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5, KJV). You must do so if you want to see the results of your prayers of concordance. Continue to meditate on the Word of God to keep your faith strong (Philippians 4:8). The prayer of unification will only work if it is based on the Word of God. You and your husband or wife might jump one day and accept that you will own a hundred oil wells until midnight, but you will never see that the prayer of unification will be done because it is not based on the Word of God. So if you have a family desire, speak first. Find the promise that covers the particular situation you`re praying on. So write it down and meditate on it until, as Psalm 112:7 (KJV) says, your heart is strong and trusts the Lord. Get your entire family established with this promise, so that your agreement is based on a solid foundation. The word agrees that Jesus is used in Matthew 18:19, can also be translated to harmonize or make a symphony.

A symphony consists of many instruments that seem to be a single voice when played together. If you`ve heard a symphony before, you know that if each instrument is correct, each plays separately from the other, there`s not much to hear. But when the conductor lifts his baton and all these instruments begin to harmonize, the sound they make is extremely powerful. The same goes for prayer. Believers who agree in the Holy Spirit are a powerful and inexorable force. That`s why Satan is fighting Christian families. That is why he does not want men and women to be united in marriage. He wants us to fight and get drunk all the time, because he knows that it will hinder our prayers (cf.

1 Peter 3:7). Whenever you do not get the results of the prayer of the agreement, you perform a harmony check. Ask the Holy Ghost to show you if you are in conflict with your husband or wife (or someone else). Follow the instructions of Mark 11:25 (KJV), where Jesus tells us: “If you pray, forgive if you have been against something, so that your Father, who is in heaven, will forgive you.” It is not enough for you and your spouse to simply agree on the subject you are praying on. You must be in harmony in other areas, otherwise your prayer will not really agree.

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