Scarlet Witch

I love Wanda’s Marvel Now/Uncanny Avengers design! I think especially in recent years she’s been one of the more interesting characters in the Marvel universe. When I realized I could make her dress out of Dr. Strange cape leftovers my idea to cosplay her was cemented. I used multiple artists as inspiration and tweaked the design myself a little bit. One alteration I made was making the gloves separate from her sleeves. I’ve learned I really like being able to get my hands free when needed. The gloves used were ordered from Greatlookz. I made my leggings out of red matte moleskin spandex. My wig was purchased from Epic Cosplay’s Au Naturale line and sprayed down with silicon lubricant. Cathy of God Save the Queen Fashions made the leather headpiece. I made my worbla headpiece.