Sap Scheduling Agreement Sales Order

Before the delivery plan is updated and the market is established, the sales delivery plan must first be determined. I will present the logic of determining the delivery plan. This is because planning agreements require restocking. Choose the appropriate position and press the button in the position section of the delivery plan: Click the Details button for a position item The main goal of delivery plans is to have a clear idea of the quantities and delivery data. (as the name suggests u201Cscheduledu201D agreements) The items used to determine the sales delivery plan. Please note that each field with a “ick-sign” means its mandatory and it must be replenished, otherwise the SAP system would not allow you to go any further. To choose the type of delivery plan required, tap F4 on the appropriate field and view all the loVs (value list) with the types of schedule available. List of delivery plan types You would use this component if you have framework agreements with the debtor containing future quantities of materials sent at certain times within a specified time frame. Could someone explain to me where and why delivery plans are used? As I understand it, the main objective of the delivery plan is to manage the delivery dates and quantities of a particular material or product. However, this is what we can do with a regular sales order. All we have to do is enter the delivery dates in the Classifications tab. So why should we use a delivery plan instead of a sales order? A delivery plan is a framework agreement between you and a saleable party valid for a specified period of time. The delivery plan contains fixed delivery dates and quantities.

These dates are included in the delivery plan classifications. Once the delivery plan is due, you can place the delivery as usual or using a list of deliveries. There are two options to start the process of developing a delivery plan: you complete a delivery plan by creating deliveries in the delivery plan as soon as they expire. They process deliveries for a delivery plan in the same way as a normal delivery. After making the delivery, the system updates the quantity delivered in the delivery item with the quantity delivered. The graph below shows the influx of information for delivery plans. Once you have established the delivery plan and are satisfied with the information provided, tap CTRL-S to register the delivery plan. The delivery plan has been successfully registered Here you can see that the Ship-to Party A7000 has two deliveries, against the delivery number 30000053, which we have previously carried out.

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