Heroes Alliance Holiday Events

Over the winter Allen and I attended a few different events with our Heroes Alliance friends. We walked in the Children’s Christmas Parade as Supergirl and Dr. Strange. Significantly more people than we thought we’d find were excited to see Dr. Strange, which was exciting for us! We also learned the value of Dr. Strange having a warm cape during cold December events. Next we visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite as Wonder Girl and Aquaman. We got to color with the kids and hand out presents. We also visited some children in their rooms if they couldn’t make it out for activities. This February we joined FOCUS for their Valentine’s Day party for medically fragile children as Spider-Woman and Aquaman. We has some small prints made for this event, and got to give them out to the kids. Below are a few pictures from these events. Special thanks to Your Mojo By Jojo for photographing events!

Aquaman and Mera at Dragon Con Night at the Aquarium 2013

Pictures from our shoot with Dim Horizon Studio at the Georgia Aquarium are up! The past few years there has been a special event at the aquarium the Saturday night during Dragon Con for convention attendees. This year Allen and I went as Aquaman and Mera and took Matt Nicholson of Dim Horizon with us. The experience was definitely a huge highlight of the con for me! Here are a few pictures from the shoot, for more check out my Aquaman and Mera page.

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Who is Donna Troy at Dragon Con 2013

I wanted to do a special photo shoot at this past Dragon Con as tribute to one of my favorite characters and some of my awesome friends joined me! Elsie, Suzann, and Erin dressed up as different versions of Donna Troy with me. Mark Shafer joined us as our photographer. We did this as a mini shoot before the big DC Universe shoot. I had a lot of fun with this shoot and I’m so glad I have friends who enjoy participating in shoots like this!

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Tutorial: Metallic Spandex and Worbla Bracers

After making a few pairs over the years I believe I have settled on my preferred way to make bracers. These bracers fit snuggly and are not bulky, which are some issues I’ve found with other sorts of bracers. For this I use Worbla, just the thickness of one sheet, and metallic spandex.

DSC_0231First you’ll want to come up with the patterns for your bracers based on the size and shape of your forearms as well as how long you want the bracers to be. Here’s what mine look like. The one on the left is for the Worbla. The one on the right is for my fabric. This second pattern piece is larger to account for seam allowances being added in.

DSC_0233Here’s my pattern drawn out on my Worbla. Remember to use craft scissors and not your nice fabric scissors for cutting out materials like this. You don’t want to dull your nice scissors and have a hard time cutting out your fabric later.

DSC_0240You might want to round off the corners of your Worbla pieces when cutting them out so they won’t be so pokey.

DSC_0237I cut out metallic spandex for the top of my bracers and some tricot for the underside. These are not going to breath at all so it’s a nice idea to make the underside out of another knit fabric not so slick as the metallic spandex so you won’t be quite as gross and sweaty later.

DSC_0242Sew your fabric pieces together like little pillow cases, leaving a narrow side open on each to slip your Worbla into.

DSC_0244To work with Worbla you need a heat gun, an area to work on, and something to protect your work surface from the adhesive properties of it. I use wax paper.

DSC_0246Carefully heat your Worbla while it is laying flat on your protected surface so that it is pliable enough to work with, but not too floppy or hot enough to be painful to handle. Once the Worbla is pliable you can pick it up and form it directly over your arms. Form the pieces one at a time over your arms, and hold each piece in place as it cools to hold the shape.

DSC_0248Slip your formed Worbla pieces into your fabric slipcovers.

DSC_0249Sew your slipcovers closed. No need to turn the seam allowances in. You want this extra fabric off one side of each bracer to attach your closures.

DSC_0254Sew whatever kind of closers you like onto the exposed seam allowance hanging off one side of your bracer and to the underside of the other side of your bracer. Hooray, you have basic bracers done! This step is where I stopped for my most recent Donna Troy bracers, except I used velcro instead of snaps then. For Mera I went on to make some extra armor pieces I later glued on to these bracers.

Note: I totally warped the cutting mat pictured here at some point in time with heat (might have been for a different project)! So be careful at choosing your work space!



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Superhero Day 2013

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History hosted their annual Superhero Day event last Sunday for Father’s Day. I attended the event as Spider-Woman along with a lot of my other Heroes Alliance friends. I especially had fun at this event since I got to team up with Spider-Man! Our friends the Box Heroes also came out to participate in Superhero Day! Dru Phillips and Bodhi Tree Photography attended the event as well and got some great pictures!

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HeroesCon 2013

HeroesCon was this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. Allen and I went with our buddies Silas and Sara, and had a blast! We had an awesome time full of friends, costumes, comics, and Bojangles (there’s a Bojangles in the convention center)! I wasn’t too concerned about getting pictures at this con since I already either have pictures of all the costumes I wore, or have plans to shoot them, so I just relaxed and had fun on the con floor the whole time. One of the convention guests we had the most fun seeing was Chris Sims. And we made sure to stop by and visit the SuperheroStuff booth since Allen won their Halloween contest with Doctor Strange.

I cosplayed as Clea, Donna Troy, and Siryn over the weekend. On Saturday we went to be included in the big cosplay group photo shoot organized by DJ Spider. Pat Loika was on hand to photograph the event. Contagious Media and Distractotron were filming at the con as well and have their videos from the weekend up! As a bonus I came home to find new pictures from last year’s HeroesCon by LJinto were up! So there’s new pictures in my Wonder Girl gallery as well. Here’s a few pictures from this year’s convention!

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Marietta Comic Book / Anime Con

This past Sunday was the Marietta Comic Book / Anime Con! I attended as a cosplay guest and cosplayed as Supergirl. I also had a table with a selection of the hair accessories and jewelry I make (like those for sale at my Etsy shop) for sale. Allen came with me as Doctor Strange and helped out at the table. I had a great time seeing my friends who came out to the show as well as making some new ones! The costume contest also had some memorable entries who I enjoyed judging. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show! Here are some pictures from the event, many courtesy of Mark Shafer on Facebook and @AtlComicNews on Twitter.


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Free Comic Book Day & Drink and Draw

I had a great time making Spider-Woman appearances recently! This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. Allen and I met up with some other costumed superhero friends at our favorite local comic shop, Teahouse Comics, to celebrate. The shop had a great turnout! I’m already looking forward to next year’s Free Comic Book Day!

Monday night I attended Drink and Draw at the Mellow Mushroom in Decatur with my friend Ned as Giant Man. It was a fun night filled with superheroes, pizza, and art! I definitely look forward to attending more Drink and Draws in the future, either to support my other superhero buddies or to pose for the artists again. Drink and Draw occurs the first Monday night of every month.

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Spider-Woman Construction Notes

I used applique, one of my go-to techniques for adding images to fabric, for Spider-Woman‘s bodysuit. However, working with knit fabrics for both the bodysuit and spiders made it a little different from standard applique.

spiders1I started by tracing a spider symbol I liked onto parchment paper. I also made note of where the edges of the fabric for my bodysuit pieces would be in relation to the symbol on the parchment paper. I went over the lines with a marker so I would be able to see them through Wonder Under. Whenever you’re drawing out things like this that should be symmetrical you can make sure they are symmetrical by only drawing half, then folding your paper in half, then tracing that half onto the other side. So after my parchment paper spider was drawn I traced it onto a large piece of Wonder Under for the front of the bodysuit, and Wonder Under with a seam allowance added in the middle for the back. My bodysuit has an invisible zipper going up the back so I needed to add a seam allowance for this.

spiders2Once the spiders were drawn out I ironed them onto my white moleskin spandex to fuse the Wonder Under to the spandex. The great thing about Wonder Under is it takes on the properties of the fabric it is fused to. So when it is fused to a spandex it will stretch with the spandex. After my Wonder Under and spandex was fused together I cut out my spiders by following the drawn lines on the Wonder Under.

spiders3With my spandex spiders cut out I could now fuse them to the pieces of my bodysuit after removing the paper backing from the Wonder Under. I pulled out my parchment paper spider to help me make sure I had everything placed correctly. One piece at a time I laid down my black spandex pieces with a white spider on them, then using the side placement lines for my bodysuit pieces I drew on the parchment paper as a guide I laid that over everything and matched up the lines and edges. I carefully adjusted each spider into place under the transparent parchment paper to match the lines on the parchment paper. I carefully pinned the very edges of the spider legs into place, took away the parchment paper, and ironed each spider into place. Make sure to follow the Wonder Under directions for a good bond. This includes using a damp press cloth. I found that as I worked with my pieces bits of spiders would still sometimes come un-bonded from my black spandex. When this happened I would just iron them back down.

spiders4Spiders could now be stitched down permanently into place once they were bonded to the black bodysuit pieces. I used a small zigzag stitch around every edge of the spiders. Normally I use a dense satin stitch around the edges of applique pieces, but with both fabrics being spandex I use a small zigzag stitch to allow the fabrics to stretch. The sewing machine foot I used for this step was my teflon foot. It is one of my favorite feet because it glides over fabric so easily.

spiders5 It took me about eight hours work from start to finish to draw out my spiders, fuse the spandex and Wonder Under together, cut out spiders, get them bonded to my bodysuit fabric, and get them stitched down. Once all these steps were done I was able to then move on to constructing my bodysuit.

There were a lot of other steps involved in making my whole Spider-Woman costume, but I felt like the spiders deserved special attention. I hope learning about my applique process for Spider-Woman will help out some other costumers working on spandex projects.


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Long Time No Update

Sorry internet! It’s been forever since I’ve updated my site. Well today I added a Spider-Woman costume gallery. I completed this costume in time to debut it at this year’s Momocon. Since my last update I also attended a Christmas parade with some of my Heroes Alliance friends, Atlanta South Comic Con to see George Perez, and the winter edition of Hair of the Dragon. I even ended up at MegaCon, but that was just to help run Yaya Han‘s booth and I didn’t get around to any cosplaying there. Today I also listed some new cosplay items up for sale at my Storenvy shop, including one of my Twilight Sparkle outfits. Anyways, here are some of my favorite pictures from these past events!