Mini Stretchy Piping Tutorial

10377072_649964811755996_3072222361943197803_nHere’s a quick rundown of how I made stretchy piping for Magneto. 1. Get your materials: spandex, elastic cord, ruler, fabric scissors, marking tool.




2. Measure out how wide to cut strips of elastic and mark. My elastic was 1/4 in. wide and my seam allowances were 1/2 in. so my elastic strips were 1 1/2 wide to allow for all that.




3. Cut out your spandex strips.






4. Pin spandex in half with the right side out around the elastic cord.





5. Using a zipper or piping foot baste sides of spandex together close to elastic cord.





6. Admire your piping after stitching it together!





7. Sew between sections of garment to add piping detail. I recommend basting it to one section first before sewing both sections together and completely sandwiching the piping.

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