Human Luna

I rarely get around to cosplaying any anime characters these days. However I’m a long-time Sailor Moon fan! Luna and Pluto are my favorites, but I’m not too interested in making a sailor fuku. I thought the human version of Luna would be a fun opportunity to make something cute and pretty. It’s also really great because I can wear this with any friends who have Sailor Moon costumes, since it’s not a fuku and we don’t have to worry about uniform style matching. I made the dress out of yellow satin and gold organza. I used tulle for the poofs and also added on tulle to an existing petticoat for her pointed petticoat. My wig materials are from Arda Wigs. I used a base wig and harvested hair from two curly clips of a different color to get the unique color blend I wanted. I made the buns using the same┬ámethod as my Tinkerbell bun tutorial. I purchased Luna’s jewelry from UniqueCosplayProps on Etsy.