Heroes Alliance Holiday Events

Over the winter Allen and I attended a few different events with our Heroes Alliance friends. We walked in the Children’s Christmas Parade as Supergirl and Dr. Strange. Significantly more people than we thought we’d find were excited to see Dr. Strange, which was exciting for us! We also learned the value of Dr. Strange having a warm cape during cold December events. Next we visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite as Wonder Girl and Aquaman. We got to color with the kids and hand out presents. We also visited some children in their rooms if they couldn’t make it out for activities. This February we joined FOCUS for their Valentine’s Day party for medically fragile children as Spider-Woman and Aquaman. We has some small prints made for this event, and got to give them out to the kids. Below are a few pictures from these events. Special thanks to Your Mojo By Jojo for photographing events!

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