Aquaman and Mera

Allen and I decided to cosplay as Aquaman and Mera from DC Comics. I love how regal, classy, and powerful Mera is. I made all our spandex garments out of fishscale spandex. The legs of our suits end in feet attached to flip flop soles since Aquaman and Mera have that unique shoeless look so many superheroes seem to have. My neckline has worbla in it to hold the shape. I made my crown out of worbla, craft foam, and Plasti Dip. My bracers were made using a combination of metallic spandex covered worbla and Plasti Dip coated worbla. Allen made the A for his belt and his trident. He also made the fins for his gloves out of leather and painted those and the gloves to match. I styled a Cady style wig from Arda Wigs for Aquaman’s wig.