A Month After Your Mutual Aid Agreement Is Activated For An Incident

Lane: We really agree to three points of excellence in the way mutual aid is provided. Of course, we start with the firefighters and who they represent, which is probably the largest gathering of a self-help experience anywhere in the world. We start with their expertise and have probably invested more than 1000 hours in discussions with different experts to understand the working procedures and requirements needed to advance mutual aid. But then we combined that with Esri, which has first-class geodata technology. For self-help, it is very important to understand where the resources are. The visual element was not really the key aspect of previous systems. Last but not least, we have more than two decades of experience in emergency management on the side of Juvare.- and Juvare. Lane: Juvare`s origins go back to the origins of electronic health emergency management systems, so we`ve always thought of a process-driven workflow software solution that helps people make decisions in this hot moment. It`s back in this model of simplicity and that`s what we want to deliver in the webEOC framework. This is the scale and standard for incident control systems throughout the United States and most parts of the world. When people in crisis have to make decisions, WebEOC is there. Lane: It`s perfectly scalable.

All of this, from major incidents like hurricanes to local fires that overload a community`s resources. Cox: It is scalable for daily operation or important event or even planned events. If you have a special event in the future, you can use NMMs to reserve resources in advance from your partners in your area. It is important to recognize that these are all hazards. It`s not just fire and EMS. These can be law enforcement, public health, utilities, electricity companies and private partners who, after an event, help with restoration. It can be applied in different ways. Dulin: After Hurricane Katrina, the IAFC was asked to relocate resources to the southeast to support Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

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